Talon Hawk

This two way stand mounted monitor is beyond anything one would expect from it's small size. Like all Talon speakers it is extremely efficient has the requisite flat frequency response, but it's sound is what truly makes this a unique speaker. Boasting frequencies down below 35 Hz it's sounds much larger than it really is.

An upgradable reference grade monitor.

Talon reference speakers leave nothing to chance, and the Talon Hawk is no different. Utlizing all ceramic drivers and the finest crossover parts available this monitor performs beyond what one would expect from a much larger 3 way monitor. But what's staggering is the incredible imaging and detail this speaker produces. If later you want a full range floorstander, simply add the Thunder- to it. Or if you prefer supporting the low end with a subwoofer the Talon Thunderbird subwoofer will function perfectly in those smaller spaces. Either way, the Hawk is easily upgraded to full range system when you are ready.

Hawk Specifications

Operator's Manual

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